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Who says you can't tell a book by its cover? If the cover of a book says Dictionary, Encyclopedia, or Thesarus, can't you tell what the book is about? The statement may hold true if we were dealing in fiction, where the title may be intentionally misleading to attract curious customers. But for those who know exactly what they want they know exactly what to look for. This principle also applies to the clothes we wear. Whether we want it to or not, the clothes that you wear makes some type of statement whether you like it or not, that's just the way it is. There's nothing unnatural about it. In tribal times the clothing you wore would identify to another person if you were from the same tribe or not, if you were friend or foe. Usually people of the same culture would wear similiar styles of clothing. Maybe you've never acknowledged it but you and I adhere to the same ideology. Do you wear your casual clothes to a job interview? No, why not? Because the clothes you wear have a purpose, sometimes other than just for comfort. The statement that the clothes that you wore to the interview is to say that you are professional enough to work for this company. Although it takes more than just what you wear to truly be considered, unless you have a history of making companies money, you would not go to a interview wearing anything you want. Unless your collecting unemployment and you don't want them to actually consider you.

As a woman, what does your clothing say about you, your casual dress? What do you want your clothes to say about you? What should your clothing say about you? You can decide this if you so choose, but if you don't, or feel that you shouldn't have to choose because "they're just clothes", then it will be choosen for you. Having that debate on why should your clothes matter is just as sensiless as discussing why you can't wear your pajamas at work. It's just the way it is and not a battle worth fighting. The culture of a society is usually the influential factor of dress. The word culture is a simplified way of identifying the ways and actions of a people. In philly you might call a sandwich a hoagie, in new york you might call it a sub. Calling it a hoagie is a philadelphian culture. By principle, culture can be divided into two basic categories, intelligent and unintelligent. An intelligent culture would be ways and actions that promote prosperity. Womens clothing in american culture and cultures influenced by american culture are designed to be appealing in a sexual fashion. The very nature of clothing has an appeal to the opposite sex. It's its appeal to the opposite sex that makes the clothes that much appealing to the sex that's wearing it, more so in womens clothing than in mens. Depending on a womens intent, what she wants to say with her clothing, decides whether this is a positive or a negative. If your intent is for guys to look at your butt and chest, to see you as a sex object first and foremost, and to approach you not with the intent to take you seriously but to get in your pants, then congratulations, you've succeeded. If you ask most women what their goals are, they'll usually say they want to get a degree, get a good job, maybe start a business, own some property. Rarely do they ever say by itself or along with the forementioned goals that they want to find a good man and start a family. This is while they are currently dating and having sex...with a man. This is very unlogical. To get that good education, good job, good opportunities, you put your self in the best possible position to achieve it. Shouldn't it be the same way with attracting a suitable partner. Men are very visual, that's why strip clubs and adult films cater to men more so than women. If your wearing clothes that accentuates your breast and rear, then don't wonder why your mans a dog when you waved your meat in front of his face. That's the foundation that you set. A man will be on his best behavior till he gets the taste of the goodies. He may not even realize that he's acting different. He may put up with whatever you dish him, at the same time hiding his bad habits. This is not to say that changing the way you dress will guarantee you the right partner, but if your fishing for trout, use the right bait. If you want to put your self in a position to meet a better quality of men, wear clothes that says something more than just sex. It's common sense. Or don't complain about the guys you do meet.

In the Nation of Gods and Earths, the Earths(black women) adhere to the 3/4th principle. 3/4th is a term that relates the black women as Earth to the planet earth that we live on. Being that the planet earth surface is covered by 3/4th of water, so should the black women be covered or hidden with 3/4th of clothing. Tooken on face value some might view it as a practice that's oppressive to women. But an Earth knows that knowledge is the foundation and it's best to set a good strong foundation for things to come out right. She knows there is nothing more vital to her and her black family than a righteous black man. She also understands that a righteous black man is attracted to a refined black woman. She know that her way of dressing deters unwanted lewd and sexual attraction and comments and puts her in a better position for a healthy relationship. Most men that would approach her would look at her first as a spiritual woman of God and show her the proper respect. This is not to say that the occassional slacker wont step up to plate every know and then, but if her screening process is right then she can cut that short. The type of men that she would expect knows the value of having a strong black woman by his side. He should be financially, physically, and mentally ready to start a relationship. The type of women who adorns the 3/4th has knowledge of her self, her black men, and the divine order of things. She knows how to choose a brother capable of leading a family and would be receptive to his leadership. A 3/4th woman should also knowledge her own body and a healthy way of living for herself and her family. To say this way of thinking is oppressive to women is sort of like saying telling people to say no to drugs is oppressive. I mean, do what you want to do. It's no guarantee that you will face the negative effects, but the track records say otherwise. Get inolved with crack or heroin, most likely the effects will be damaging. Keep dressing the way your dressing and keep attracting whatever guys you are attracting.

Traditionally 3/4th constitutes a skirt to the ankles, a loose fitting top, and a headwrap. This isn't only practiced within the Nation of Gods and Earths. You see this with the muslim women, hebrew women, rastafarian women, some christian women and other indigenious women around the globe. Although sometimes thought of as a religious custom, it's more of a cultural one. Without the womens understanding of it, and being forced to comply, I see how it can be viewed as oppressive. 3/4th says that you're a woman of God and you reserve the best part for your man, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Personally I don't feel a Earth should be restricted to wearing a long skirt as long as the clothes that she wears aren't hugging the curves and doesn't attract negative attention. Although I have to say that womens jeans, pants, and shorter skirts are grafted(unoriginal) versions of the original intent. Pants/jeans were made for men and only became more feminine by becoming more sexy. Nor does jeans, pants, and short skirts have that same flare or regal that the 3/4th does. We have no "restrictive rules" within the NGE but I do feel that an Earth should want to wear a head wrap. To make wearing a head wrap mandatory would be implimenting a restrictive rule which breeds a bunch of followers with no understanding. To know the reason why you should wear a head wrap would show understanding which would be a Gods rule, not a restrictive rule. The difference between a restrictive rule and a Gods rule is understanding, which is G.R.E.A.T(Gods Rule Equals Allahs Truth). I'm not refering to God in the sense of a black man, I'm refering to the essence of God that resides within each and everyone. Waking up early to exercise, eating right, abstaining from drugs when you are in the military because you are told to is a restrictive rule. Doing the same thing just because it's good for your health is a Gods rule. Allah is seen and heard everywhere. Muslim women wear their hijabs at work. Rasta women wear their hair covered in public. Why wouldn't you want to represent Allah to the fullest? Also other than the breast and the chest, the hair is an attractive point, especially natural hair, long hair, and locks. I had a buddy who admired the sista I was dealing with because of her long locks. I had another sista with locks who told me that this guy on a date told her he heard that women with natural hair and locks were freaks and he just wondered was it true.

Some women feel that wearing the 3/4th is like wearing a uniform. That's not so because with a uniform everyone must wear the same thing, same style, same color. That's an excuse because if you see every woman in a room wearing jeans, we wouldn't conclude that that's a uniform. There are different styles, colors and ways you can rock your skirts. There are different colors and ways you can wrap up your hair. As I said in the beginning, the culture is usually the influencing point on what the people wear. If most of the black women you knew wore 3/4th, than more than likely you would too. The question you have to ask yourself is, which style of dress better puts you in the position to achieve what you want to achieve? The main point is that it puts a guy who's going to approach you on aware that your not about games, eventually you want to start a family, and you better come with respect. Back in the day I used to only approach women with natural hair being that they were more conscious to who they were as a black woman. That's until it became a fashion trend and you now have all types of women wearing naturals with no sense of consciousness. Now it's all about a woman and her 3/4ths. No matter what, I don't see that becoming a fashion statement in the mass media. Even though just because she rocks the 3/4th doesn't necessarily means she's conscious when she doesn't take care of her health and still put chemicals in her hair and/or styles it like an unoriginal woman. The main satement the 3/4th(including the head wrap) should convey is that you are a healthy natural black woman in ways and action and you're receptive to the leadership of a qualified black man. The bottom line is 3/4th is not just about doing something, but about doing it the BEST way YOU can. Representing your indigenous culture fully. Other than comfort we know that the clothes you wear says something. We also know that it attracts the opposite sex and in turn makes it much more appealing to you. Why not make the best statement you can make? Why not attract the best man that you can? One that can see by the way you dress that you are a woman of God and respects you for much more than sex. An employer can't discriminate against your spiritual/cultural/religious principles. We need to put more brothas on to this post and this blog in general. Let them know that as black women you are here to give black men what they NEED(not what they want or what you want to give them) if they are willing to give you as black women what you need.
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