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What does it mean to be black? Do you know? What do you tell your children? What does black mean in the phrase "I'm black and I'm proud?" What does it signify when we speak of black history month? Stop reading for a second. Think about it. We're not tire black or chalkboard black. Then what does it mean? You should know. It's our responsibility to teach our children the truth. It may seem like a small insignificant matter but that would be an error in our thought process. The small things definitely do matter. As a matter of fact, that's what matter is made up of, small things like atoms, proton, neutrons, electrons, quarks and leptons. The problem in our communities didn't happen overnight, from one single event. No, it's a huge accumulation of ignorance that we didn't address when they were small. Knowledgeing the science of being black is just one cross off the list in our step towards self enlightment. This gives our children a foundation to step on when posed with the question. Or would you rather they say I don't know? Remember that, the small things do matter, and they build up to become big things, whether the foundation is set on knowledge or ignorance. How can we have unity if we can't agree on who we are? Mainly because we don't know who we are. We're just going on the title that the last movement influenced. Some of us say we're black, some of us say we're african american. Groups like the NAACP and UNCF have colored and negro in their monikers. What does this say from the outside looking in, confused? Before the 1800's, you might have been called nigger(which means black and wasn't derogatory), black, sambo, or moor. By the 1900's colored and afro-american gained steam. For those unaware, colored means to change or alter from it's original state. Like if you made a table out of wood you color it to the color you choose. Therefore it's colored, altered. We are the original people, so we can't be colored. We are people OF color. In regards to the term afro american, an afro is a hairstyle. About 1910 the term negro, which meant black, gained usage. By the 60's and into the 70's the name black became very popular. It signified a sense of pride and solidarity. In hindsight, when you look back at this era, this was a time when the most initiative and fight was instilled within. Was it the name or did the name correctly identify the essence of the time? Phrases like black power, black consciousness, and black is beautiful spread through the community like wildflowers. We had Martin, we had Malcom, we had the Black Panther party, we had the Father. What happened to those days? That faded out by the 80's, ushering in Jesse(Jackson) and the term African American. I understand what he was trying to do, tie us into the land we now call Africa, give us a sense of identity. But the term itself is irresponsible. Africa is a continent, America is a continent. What sense does it make naming ourselves after two continents. What's the intention of it? Is it trying to say we are Americans whose ancestors were African. Technically that would be everyone on the planet, black or white. Biologically the original people and the non-original people are not the same to be placed under one umbrella. African doesn't say we are black, black says we are black. So called Africans don't even acknowledge that title until they come to the United States and approached by someone who's ignorant of the many nations in Africa. They would go by the titles Nigerians, Sengalese, Liberians, etc., etc. If you call someone an Asian American, are you talking about Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Pakistanian, what? They're all in Asia. You'll here someone say they're French or British before they'll say they're European American. They may be European, but their nationality takes precedent, not a continent conjoined with another continent. This still doesn't say who they are. Are they a black French American or a white French American? So what is black?

Lets start by explaining the universe and the creation of it. The universe is everything and everything consists of energy. The main two forms of energy are potential(stored) energy and kinetic(motion) energy. Energy is the ability to do work. Kinetic energy would be the energy that's produced by the movements of a rapid river. Potential energy would be if you lifted a rock above your head. The higher you lift it, the more energy it will produce when it falls. The first law of thermodynamics, the law of conservation, states that energy can not be created or destroyed, just transferred to another form. What this means is, that the quantity of energy in the universe today, is the same amount that always was, and the same amount will always be. Before the universe was created, there was a point when all the energy could fit on the tip of a pen. There was no space and there was no time, because time involves movement. Time is the distance it takes to get from one point to another. Even if you were to remain still time would pass because there is still movement around you as well as the functions of your own body. This undifferientiated energy, meaning not seperated into different forms of matter like you and me, was potential(stored) energy. Doing nothing at all for an unspecified amount of time, this energy decided to be(move). This is regarded as the big bang. When no-thing(not a thing) expanded to become some-thing(sum of things). This expansion was caused due to extreme heat ignited by an electrical(thought) spark. Energy seperated into four distinct forces, gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. When the universe cooled enough, atoms of hydrogen(75%), helium(24%), and lithium began to form. Other atoms, such as the ones that make up life as we know it had yet to appear. They came from stars which hadn't been born. Stars are born when clouds composed primarily of hydrogen, and some helium, begin to collapse. The hydrogen is converted into helium through the process of nuclear fusion. In the abscence of the heaver elements that would absorb starlight(which has mass), these early stars formed with masses a few thousand times the mass of our current star, the sun. This allows the star to manufacture dozens of elements including those vital to life, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. High mass stars live life fast and die explosive violent youthful deaths. They convert matter into energy at astonishing rates that their life expectancies is less than a thousandth of our suns. When the star begins producing iron and can no longer support it's own mass, it collapses forming a shockwave that causes the rest of the star to explode in a supernova. This explosion spreads the previously made and freshly minted elements through the galaxy enriching nearby clouds with the raw material to make new dust grains. After a billion years of such enrichment, our sun was born. The glas cloud from which the sun formed contained enough heavy elements to spawn asteroids, coments, and a few planets including our earth. The earth formed in an orbit(93,000,000 miles) where its atmosphere could sustain oceans. Had earth formed much closer to the sun the oceans would have evaporated. Had earth formed much farther away the oceans would have froze. So it seems that the earth formed at an understandable distance siutable for life. What's interesting to note is that only one of the four elements vital to life-oxygen-was present in the formation of our planet. The other three-carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen-are extraterrestial(not of the planet). These came from the explosion of the stars that came to earth to form life. Quite literally we were born from the stars. The most important of the four, carbon, is the most vital to life. Due to it's ability to easily bond with as many as four other atoms allowing complex structures, like our genetic make up, to exist. Carbon is also the key to melanin, which is vital to life.

With a guided understanding, the previous paragraph will give us a clear picture of what the universal mind is and our connection to it. I chose to use the term the term universal mind to signify the principle before the terms Allah or God was used. Universal meaning encompassing the all. Mind meaning having the attributes associated with the mentalsuch as consciousness, will, and intelligence. When we think of the mind we sometimes mistakenly form a mental picture of the brain. The brain is not the mind. The brain acts as an antenna for the mind to be directed to your physical. The mind isn't with-in you, the mind is all around you, the with-out. It is your sensory or awarness to what's going on. When people say your out of your mind, often they are saying that your not in touch with the reality around you. The first characteristic of mind that the universe exhibited was consciousness. Consciousness is the awarness of self and self in relation to all. By principle, before the universe could create it had to be aware of self, have knowledge of self. Babies begin to move fingers, toes, etc., when they are aware that they have them. Da Vinci knew of himself his ability before he created the Mona Lisa. Before we do, we knew, knowledge before wisdom. The next characteristic was the will to create. To turn potential into kinetic, thought into manifestation, knowledge into wisdom. Will can be described as initiative, determination. Everything was willed(wheeled,rotate,turn,360) into existence. Finally the last characteristic would have to be intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to see through obstruction to get to a point. This requires an understanding of the situation. Some try(but fail) to say that the creation of the universe could be an accident. What they fail to realize that even in an accident, if intelligence was not present, then the discovery would be left undiscovered, unobserved. We are the observers, that divine intelligence, that supreme understanding(U Supreme). With the complexities in the universe and different viarables, intelligence had to play a part for what we know as life today. I like to use an example of simple intelligence by demonstrating the behavior of packaging material I call the styrofoam "cheese curls". These are filling material that people sometimes place in packages to prevent things from getting damaged. When the receiver opens the package, these "cheese curls" jump to cling on to you. They're irritating as hell to get off. It's as if they had a mind of their own, hmm. This attraction is caused by electromagnetism. Your thoughts are electomagnetic, which is a form of energy. First law of thermodynamics, the law of conservation, energy can not be created nor destroyed, only changed to a different form. What that means is that our mind, energy, has always been and always will be. Before the creation of our universe, our minds were, one with all, and will always be, because energy can not be destroyed. Before we are born, are minds are. We are not our physical, that's our temporary confinement as we dwell on this plane. Does this not sound like the understanding we have of God, can not be created nor destroyed, always was always will be. This is the reality of God. Our minds are fractions of the infinite mind. It's like if you take a cup of water from the ocean, it's still ocean water. A fraction of infinte is infinite. We have infinite potential. We are all connected through our minds. Due to biological differences, some of us are capable physically of manifesting the universal mind on the highest level. Why did energy(spirit) become matter(soul)? There is a reason for everything, whether you know it or not. Some people seek out knowledge, others are terrified to question what they've been taught to believe. The MANifestation of the universal mind(God/Allah) IN self came in the need to X-perience everything in life. You see, God knows it all, b.u.t. God does not know everything. God is capable of knowing everything through experience, whether it be through myself or to build with someone who has experienced it. The knowledge of the all is life, 360 degrees. You manifest(born), you live(motion), you distill(die).That's the all. Yet when you manifest the all within billions of selfs, you get a lot of x-periences(unknowns,240). It's like the mentality of a movie producer. The producer knows how they want the story to begin, to play out, where the car chases go, how it will end, in their mind. They still want to see it physically played out. This leads to alot of unknowns. Maybe the red Lamborginis couldn't be rented so we had to settle for the yellow Ferraris. All this is experience. All this is life.

What we know about the universal mind is that it has to have had a high level of intelligence to produce the complexities we know as life. So it would be only fitting that it would physically manifest itself within the best vehicle(body) suitable for life. It already has provided for the best atmosphere(93,000,000mi) for life. To think otherwise would be taking away from the supreme intellect. Who is the Original man? The original man is the Asiatic Black Man; the Maker; the Owner; the Cream of the planet Earth; Father of Civilization- God of the Universe. This is not a racist statement. It has been scientifically proven that the original people were black and originated in the land now known as Africa. This statement is not to be taken lightly because what it is saying is that the universal mind deemed the black body the best vehicle to manifest within. In physics, the black body is a perfect absorber of light, also making it the best emitter of light. I see light as being the energy from the sun, and light being knowledge or information. How intelligent would it be for the universal mind to manifest within a body that can not be in the sun when it created the sun to provide nourishment? Our abilty to store energy from the sun is due to the melanin count in our skin pigmentation. Melanin is a chemical necessary in all humans. Our ability to produce large amounts of melanain keep the original people in tune with the universal mind. If black people are the original people, then it must have been an intentional doing, as well as the ability to produce large amounts of melanin as well. This ability remains in latin, asian, and native american people as well. They too are black and of the original family. When religious text speak that God spoke the universe into existence, what it is referring to is vibration. When we speak, we produce sound. Sound is a vibration. Vibration causes things to take shape. This is what's referred to as sacred geometry. If you struck a tuning fork over water, shapes would form due to the vibrations emitted. The vibrations caused by the big bang formed energy into matter. When we speak to one another, we build, causing universes to take shape, whether positive or negative. That vibration formed the element vital to life, the black carbon which makes up our melanin. Our pineal gland(third eye) instructs the body on how much melanin to produce. The same vibration that the universal mind used to create carbon is the same vibration our minds use to produce melanin. This vibration is what gives black people their rhythm, due to this chemical. We are in tune with the rhythm of the universe. If you have any doubts that a chemical can alter your performance or thought pattern, one has to look no further than chemical enhancing drugs. Or how emotions trigger your brain to release serotonin and dopamine effecting our behavior. Even in automobiles the different make up of gasolines from regular to super allows cars to operate better. When racist try to say that blacks are less intelligent, it's because they're rateing their square dances to our boogie. The universe boogies. Blacks are the pioneers of maths and sciences. The unoriginal vibrate on a frequency of destruction. Which ironically they learned from the devils amongst us. It was just elevated to a higher level.

Being black is a divine attribute. It's our direct link to the universal mind. Before there was anything else, the sun, the moon, the stars, there was black. If what religion tells us that before everything there was God and was from God, and science tells us that before everything there was black and everything came out of that blackness, LOGICALLY, that means that that blackness was God. If A=C and B=C then A must equal B. That blackness(God) is that carbon. That blackness is that melanin. That blackness is the original people. The first physical manifestation of intelligence, the atom, was birthed in the womb of that blackness(space). Just as the human families was birthed in the black womb of the black woman. Ask a child to color in a picture of space and they will grab the black crayon. It's that simple. I know there are those out there who object to the use of the word black. They cite EUROPEAN literature that define black as death, misery, and evil. B.u.t. that's just what it is, a European interpretation. What else would a racsist ideology define it as? To subject our understanding to what they interpret black to be is like choosing a name like Tobi over Kunte, still in mental slavery. They interpret our hair texture and women's figures unpleasant to, should we adopt that too. True there is no nation called black and legally if your not represented through a nationality your deemed as cattle or a ward(child) of the state, but don't disown who you are scientifically. Use moor or blackamoor if you so choose, but when you look in the sky you don't say moor. That carbon or melanin is called black not moor. Moor(maure) means black, as well as Khem as in Chemistry. Moor or the land of Mu maybe where we manifested on this planet, but the blackness of space is where we borned self. Whether you're a black latino, black asian, blackamoor, black carribean, black african, etc., etc., recognize that you are black first. Latins and asians still retain a melanin count to classify them as original people. You are no longer black when you become other than yourself. There is spring water, distilled water, mineral water, salt water and many other titles of water, but they are still water. When it no longer holds the properties of water, and be called something else like soda or juice, then it is no longer water. When you explain to your child what it means to be black, remember this blog. Your black due to the melanin count in your body, due to vital element of carbon, due to the blackness of space from which it was birthed, due to the intentions of God.



"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace! Great article!

SV Allah said...

Peace God,

True indeed. Sometimes things need to be taken back to the actual scientific building blocks so that those who doubt, or don't know can bear witness to the unavoidable truth. It is our duty to continue emitting that light, Lord.

SV Allah