Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Black Consciousness

In the last blog we built on the science of black and the connection to the Universal Mind aka God. Our focus was on the intentions of the Universal Mind and it's self manifestation within the black body. We now turn our focus on the black consciousness, the original mind state. Black consciousness is the original consciousness free from grafting. This doesn't imply that no changes have occurred, for change is constant. This does mean that the foundation of principles(dialect of God) remains the same eternally applied to the now. The principles that apply to all things on a larger scale(the macrocosmic) manifest in the principles that govern things on a smaller scale(the microcosmic). Just as the planets travel around the sun, so does the electron travel around the nucleus of an atom. They both exhibit the principle of motion, one on a grand scale, the other on a minute scale. If you learn to apply the principles of the universe of a grand scale to your ways and actions(culture) in your personal universe, everything will come out right. Although not necessarily how you want it to. For God is right, and God created the universe, that means the culture and principles of the universe must be right. If the microcosmic universe isn't right, whether it be the planet, the original nation, or our own family, it must mean that it isn't on key with the frequencies of the Universal Mind. The original mind is the microcosmic version of the macrocosmic Universal Mind manifested in man. The black conscious(original mind) is in tune with the rhythm of the universe and is the master of ALL worlds. Rhythm being the vibrations that emanated from the "big bang" that born everything in existence from universes, planets, to us. The master of all worlds recognizes the illusion of time and that the past and the future are extensions of the now. This means what we go through today is a result of what happened yesterday so we must build a future for the babies of tomorrow. The unoriginal mind vibrates on a different frequency. It falls victim to the material world of today only concerning itself with fleshy pleasure with no true regards for the babies. The unoriginal mind can only elevate to become the master of THIS world, sometimes referred to as the devil. The original mind maintains the principles of the Universal Mind of consciousness(knowledge), will(wisdom), and intelligence(understanding), therefore making it in itself universal. Lets examine each of those aspects and how they should relate to our everyday culture.

1)Consciousness:Is the awarness of self and self in relation to others. Awareness of self begins with having knowledge of self traveling through the tunnel of wisdom to gain an understanding of self. Self in relation to others destroys the illusion that we are seperate from one another.We are individual like the gears in a machine, b.u.t. it takes working in unison for a smooth operation. Swing an elbow or shoot a gun and you might just hit someone. What we do, say, even think(because thoughts are things) can affect someone, therefore we need to be mindful of our ways and actions. This goes for all things no matter how small you feel they may be. I said it before but it bears repeating, the small things do matter. Consciousness is all about how we relate to everything around us. You don't relate to the streets like you relate to a job interview. You relate in a fashion(or should) that will bring about the best parts. Whether it's about finding and sustaining a good relationship, teaching our children, being an example, having good physical and mental health, being a better friend or neighbor, gaining employment, or whatever else life may dictate. This is best achieved by knowledging where you are, where you want to be, and the logical(read best) steps to be tooken to get to the gold(goal). This consciousness is represented in the macrocosmic through the planets distances from the sun and to each other. The moon isn't within the earths orbit for no reason, there's an understanding involved. This way of understanding should be manifested in your microcosmic universe.
2)Will:Is the determination to see things through to completion. When you will something, you want it to reach it's projected destination. This takes the characteristic of discipline. Discipline is the perserverance to stay on course through all types of weather to get to where it is you have to go. The Universal Mind willed(wheeled,rotated) the universe into existence. It didn't "stop" or "give up" after the manifestation of the atom. It went on to form stars and planets and us. What type of discipline are you emanating to our children, whether they are your physicals or not? You know the things you consume(food,drugs,etc) aren't best for your health. You know you can stand to loose a couple of pounds. You know you need to exercise. You know you need to turn off the T.V. and do something that can elevate your mental(like reading,learning something, i.e yoga, cooking, a trade) that will allow you to build a better life for yourself. You know(for the brothas) dealing with some of these woman won't get you any closer to your ultimate goal, a family. You know this, and since you know this, have the discipline to will it into existence. How can we expect our children to show discipline if we fail to show it. Don't think because you smoke cigarettes and you tell the children not to because it has very serious health risk that your actually teaching them something. Especially when 85%-95% of the people including you are doing it. That's backwards logic. If our babies are headed in the wrong direction it's because WE lead them there. There is no neutrality in the war against ignorance.
3)Intelligence:Is the ability to see the best part and the best way to get there. If your taking a test and the answers are in multiple choice, A, B, and C, you may not know the the answer outright, b.u.t. you may can use your intelligence to funnel out which two are not the answer. My ways of intelligence may not be identical to your ways of intelligence, b.u.t. intelligence is intelligence. The best foods for me might not be the best foods for you, b.u.t. they serve the same purpose for both of us, nutrition(1st) and preferrence(2ndary but most necessary). This does not mean we can't rule out foods that's completely not benefical to the original man, one being pork among other things. We need to apply intelligence to the forementioned ideas I stated in principle of will. The Universal Mind manifested the Earth, the best planet for life, to be the home for self manifestation in the black body, the best vehicle to weather the terrain of the Earth, in Asia(aka Africa), the best part of the the planet. These 3 principles are ever present in the consciousness of the Universal Mind, which should be in the consciousness and culture of the original family.

If you knowledge yourself as the original man or woman then you definitely need to knowledge the science of the mind, psychology. Being asiatic is definitely body(asia) and mind(atic). We need to knowledge how enviroment plays a part in our psyche. We under estimate how polluted the original mind can become by being feed layers and layers of the wrong mental foods over hundreds of years. Each generation adds another layer without recognizing that it's building on a faulty foundation. Therefore any knowledge gained is going to be tainted with ignorance. It's like frying fish in the same grease that you used to fry chicken, it's going to have some of the chickens taste. Or making descisions on what colors to use while wearing red tinted glasses. Unless you account for the glasses in your decision making, all your choices will be off key. Even the so called enlightened unawaringly are subjected to this affliction. For if you knowledge and stand by the convcition that all(ah) is one, you wouldn't do some of the things that you do for it would not be in the best interest of all(ah), such as the seperation knowingly and unknowingly promoted by "modern" religion. It gets a little tricky when you factor in human emotions, for emotions dictate the value that you place on something. Emotions are natural, yet what we place our emotions on is a learned experience. Racism, hate, is usually a learned emotion, often influenced by those around that person including their parents. If you want to stick with what you have emotions for(modern religion), then you don't have a valid argument against a racist. Whether it be physical or mental, it's still detrimental to the all. If I gave you a pen telling you it was used by your great grandparent then you might attach sentimental value to it. If you find out that I was lying and it was an everyday Bic pen then your feelings would change. Most of our emotions have been steered by the way of society, mass media, and even our family which is not necessarily a good thing. That especially goes for if it causes seperation and/or isn't founded in truth. Truth can cause seperation only if those that hear it want to stay in ignorance. That's usually due to an emotional barrier. Hey some would consider me short, I don't necessarily because I don't come up "short" in fulling any functions that an average sized man could, laadieesss, b.u.t. that's the truth. If I'm too "short" to be in the NBA, or with a tall woman, so be it, I find the best part for me. As hard as it may be, if you truly are about the future, our babies, we must put logic(knowledge) before emotions(wisdom). You can't say your about the babies and aren't willing to do that by any means necessary. It's a contradiction and means we're just running around here philosophizing to hear ourselves speak without putting any actually work in. Yous a fraud. You see the dangers in putting emotions before logic in cases of domestic abuse. Only way we can rectify this is self examination, self scrutiny, on a whole and on a personal level. I know some that are reading this are like "I'ma do me.'' Or some subconsciously or consciously don't want to put forth the effort. What do you got to loose, huh, your ignorant ways? What do you got to gain, a better understanding of things? Fuck it, you owe it to the babies, and if you feel that you don't, fuck you.

I wan't to leave off with my own personal battles. I call them battles because it's a daily challenge. Are you of a free mind, or are you a slave to your vices and weaknesses? Ironically these same battles wasnt/aren't present in the original mind state. This goes back to emotions and values. In the U.S. we may value having a nice home while elsewhere people may just value having a home at all. Is there a biological difference between the original mind here and there. This is not to say you shouldn't be comfortable in your home, though we should analyze what makes us comfortable and why. We could be investing in the future instead on that butter leather sofa. Understanding of self is a journey, not a destination. Everything I do is based on me being an example. It may not be right by society standards(devils uncivilization), b.u.t. right in the grand scheme of things. Right is doing something that benefits self whether mentally or physically, without taking away another persons ability to do for self whether mentally or physically. I drew that up by using an example of someone being offered a prosperous offer that would benefit oneself. That would be right for that person. Yet what if they had to put people in a position where they couldn't afford the basic necessities of life, like food, clothing, and shelter, would that be right? Yeah maybe for the greed of that person, such as companies shipping job overseas for cheap labor to increase their profits yet still increasing the population here. B.u.t. it's not right for us on a whole. Benefitting in the original frame of mind means doing something that's prosperous in your natural state for our natural purpose. Taking "e" pills may be benefically in a sexual encounter with the opposite sex, b.u.t. why should it? Encounters between oppossite sex should be to produce relationships and life. This isn't something I'm declaring, this is just the natural order of things. If your not in that mind state, is not something wrong with your mental. One thing I have done is stop oggling woman. The main reason is you never know who's watching you. For our young men this shows a lack of discipline and poise, to our young women this may suggest that this is a way to get attention. Don't get me wrong, if a woman is in my direct line of vision, I'm still a man. I just don't break my neck for them, unless she's covered in 3/4th. I've abstained from eating flesh, including fish. I exercise daily. I limit the amount of television. I'm fashionable yet I don't follow trends or wear my pants hanging off my ass. I don't smoke cigarettes. I don't sleep with anyone who I don't have the honest intentions of making a future out of it. Therefore they usually know where I stand upfront or I may tell them to read my blogspot and get back to me if you feel me. We may acknowledge ourselves as original men and women, that doesn't mean we are in accord with universal law. A Bently may be one of the best automobiles out there, but if it's broken it may run like a peugot. It's still a Bently. So to just call ourselves Gods and Earths isn't enough. If we came out into the world as adults, then I may not be the way that I am. B.u.t we don't, we have children we are responsible for, and the best way to teach them is by being an example and showing consciousness, discipline, and intelligence ourselves.


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