Thursday, November 20, 2008


Are you free or are you still a slave? Do you know what the terms free and freedom mean? I'm not referring to what you think they mean, but what they truly mean? And do they apply to you? If you never took the time to analyze the word, your situation mental and physical, you may just be taking these terms on face value. Since we are physical manifestations of God, our minds should be as free as Gods. God is the truth, so it should go without saying that we need the truth(God) to better our situations in our communities. Truth unites people through understanding by knowledging a common foundation or denominator producing an equality(equal understanding) to build on. We can argue all day whether the measurement is 5/10th or 3/6th, or we can come to an understanding of 1/2. Such as in the construction of buildings, how can we build a stable structure(community/family) if the foundation is unequal. We have to be at a common understanding to arrive at the same destination. We need to be right and exact. If we both have the same directions that tells us to turn right on Green street, if your coming from the south and I'm coming from the north, my right on Green will lead me west while your right on Green will lead you east. We'd never be able to connect(come to a point). The best way to come to a point is to start with reality. For instance, the reality is people don't come back from the dead, if I told you my friend did you'd think a screw was loose. Next we apply the law of non contradiction. Now that we established that people don't come back from the dead(physically), any stories that say otherwise we can look at them as false. Now we can come to a conclusion. The conclusion is we need to reevaluate what we believe in. Some people aren't free(mentally) to accept the truth, usually due to a constant bombardment of propaganda which the person forms a emotional dependence on. It'd be hard to tell a child that 2+3=5 when their parent told them 2+3=4. Only when the person starts to think with an adult mentality, logically(knowledge/mathematically) and reasonably(understanding/scientifically) can the correction be made. If what your saying is based off emotions, and what I'm saying is based on logic, then we'll never be able to hold a productive conversation. The difference is, the logically based method(then emotional), is the best way to achieve the intended result.

We erronously interpret the word free to mean to be able to do what we want. This sentiment is ignorantly conveyed when we state this is a free country or I'm a free person. What we are trying to imply to whoevers listening is that I'm free to do what I want. Free does not mean we can do whatever it is we want. Are we free to jump off the Empire State building without a parachute and live? Are we free to stand in front off a speeding train and not get hurt? Therefore we are not free to do as we want. These two examples have consequences. You are free to jump off the Empire State buiding and die. The term free is only correctly applied when it deals with the true nature of things. We can conclude that free is the ability to be according to the nature of something. A consequence is something that you didn't want to happen. You are free to stand in front of a moving train and get hurt if that was your intention. That's the nature of a moving train to a human being. Not getting hurt in this case would be a consequence, because that wasn't the intended result. Being that we, the original people, are physical manifestations of God, to be free would be to adhere to our Godly nature. That's the natural way of the original family. Natural is somethings expected course of action adhering to it's intended purpose of being to prosper within itself. Nature is somethings intent of being. The nature of a science teacher is to teach science. It's natural for a science teacher to teach science, not english or history. The science teacher is teach science. To teach other than science, say if the english teacher called out, would make the science teacher a slave to the circumstances. Teaching science endowes the science teacher with a sense of freedom, because he is adhering to the nature of him/herself. Free-dom is the state of being free, it begins in the mind(dome, hence the term free-dome). Knowledge begins in the mind. Knowing that he/she is a teacher of science allows he/she the freedom to learn and teach said profession. Knowing(not believing) who you are allows you the freedom to be who you are. If you only believe who you are you could be wrong, and still a slave to the mentality of whatever/whoever it is that influenced you. Believing that you're black means you cant prove it scientifically and are still a slave, no matter if it's true or not. Knowing that you're black means that you can prove it scientifically and no one can take it that away from you, and free to be without restraints, contingencies, or consequencies. It just is what it is, no matter who does or doesn't like it, for it is the truth.

It is the nature of all living things to build(improve) on their foundations(what they initally have). Life in itself is the science of constant elevation. For all things are of God, and the nature of God is to build. For God from the waters of Nun(space) built the atom, to the molecules, to cells, to the human body. We are the only species who have the CHOICE(not freedom) to build or destroy. I emphasize it as a choice not freedom because when we intentionally/unintentionally choose to destroy, we are going against our true nature as original people. We are free to be who we naturally are by nature. We make the choice to be who we unnaturally can be by nature. A dog is free to be a dog by nature. Dressing a dog up like a clown, doing tricks in a circus, is unnatural for a dog therefore it's in slavery. Being a circus dog he may get expected food, but it does nothing towards the nature of it being a dog. Man always has the choice to be other than self. There are unexpected consequencies therefore we can not use the term free to destroy. For free has no consequencies. Being free may not go as you expected it, b.u.t. it will go how it should. I stayed true to being an original man, always elevating, refining my culture(ways and actions), eating better, treating my woman better, exercising. Still I am not with the mother of my seeds because she fell victim to outside influences. That isn't how I expected it to go(because I didn't do the knowledge on her insecurities), b.u.t. that's the way it should have went if I was to remain true to the original culture which she didn't. Now I am with the Queen(who I did do the knowledge on) and we are free(no matter what trials we have to go through) to be. My point is when we choose to destroy, we actually lower our mentality below the common animal. For even animals choose to build on what they have, catepillars become butterflys, squirrels learn to store nuts for the winter. Animals don't choose to stay stagnated. Actually they don't choose at all, we choose for them when we either plant trees or chop them down. If life is a constant elevation(build), to destroy is to subject oneself to a mental death. For destroy is when you remove an element from the cycle of life, not replacing it with something of equal value(equality), causing the cycle to remain where it's at in non-rotation(stagnation). Death is a natural part of life for it re introduces life through birth, b.u.t. to be stuck on death is destruction. When you take away from the cycle of learning, evidentually you'll remain at whatever level that you're on, bound to be fustrated with your non life(death/destruction), making the same mistakes over and over again.

We tend not to question our freedom because we are to busy trying to aquire what the next person has, not realizing that they too are enslaved, just with a lot more material things. Take this analogy for example. Say you were in a room, in a house, chained to the radiator while everyone else moved freely about the room. This would be your image of slavery. When you are finally released from the chains to move as freely as everyone else, then you would sense a feeling of freedom. What you and everyone else fail to realize is that there is much more to that house than that one room. Nobody challenges the jurisdiction of the room. If you were of free mind, you'd say what's outside this door. When you knowledge God, and your God instilled attributes, then compare it to what you have been limited to, you'll start to challenge the physical and the mental restrictions upon you. We want to leave the slavery of not having what they have to be in the slavery of having what they have. This is not to say we shouldn't have things we want, b.u.t. we tend to place more value on things we want to have than things that we need to have. Would Prada bags be as valuable to us if nobody gave a f%@k about them? That Gucci bag that you wanted today you ain't going to want next year. All the while the people who sell it get rich off your lust and ignorance, while your trying to make ends meet, single I might add. To fill the void of lonelyness you replace it with more stuff that'll make you feel good. Which it only makes you feel good because the advertisements made it more enticing to you and the people that will admire you for it. B.u.t. if you or they didn't admire it then it wouldn't be worth scratch. Anything created can be destroyed which makes it an illusion, meaning it's not real. The lust for material things is a created illusion. An illusion is a trick on the mind making you think that something really is when it really isn't, like a magician making a person disappear. The illusion is that the expensive bag is a thing of value which it isn't. It ain't real, family, clean water, air, and food, thats real. You've become slaves to the mental suggestions for someone to profit off. We often put ourselves through unnecessary stress, wanting, going into debt, for things that frankly we could do without. The things we think we own wind up actually owning us(see the movie Fight Club). We have to keep up on that new car car note when we could have settled for a used car or public transporation for that matter. We can't leave a high paying job we hate to take a lesser paying job we might enjoy because our expenses are too high. I'd rather have a lesser paying job that I enjoy with the things I need than to have a higher paying job that I hate just to get the things I want. Finances is the main culprit in relationship break up nowadays. Even so called enlighted conscious people fall victim to it. Which is kind of redundant when you think about it. How can if both partners are so consciences fail at a relationship. One we need to acknowledge the true most important value(next build) of our significant other and place presedent on that over EVERYTHING else. Two we need to initiate ways that don't take a whole lot of finances to spend enjoyable family time. Three we need to re evaluate what we think we want and need and don't let it become a burden on the first two. As long as my Queen is happy, the children are happy, and we have food, clothing, and shelter, then I'm happy. I/we rather for her not to work than to have cable or luxury items. Wouldn't it be better that their own mother is looking after them than someone we barely know. It's a shame that some family members would charge to look after their own family, but that's another topic. The thing is that I and the Queen are on the same page, which is a beautiful thing. If we aquire luxury items, such as a flat screen, then that will come in due time. That neither makes us nor breaks us, as long as the foundation is set.

This devils uncivilization do not want you to operate with a free mind, how else are they going to get rich. You might say what does it matter, as long as you're content. Well if you have (true)knowledge of self, you wouldn't be content. It's like everyone being forced to crawl on your hands and knees. When you learn that you can actually walk your going to want to exercise that ability. You may say well that would mean your going against unity. No I'm going against ignorance. We was being subjected to being attacked by four footed animals because we was at their level. We can reach up to get healthier food instead of just eating grass. If unity means to walk into the slaughter house one after another, that would be contrary to our nature of self(with all) prosperity. When you never or haven't used something in a long time, your often reluctant to use it. We haven't used our ability to critical think on things since we've been given the illusion that we're free. I wouldn't tell my child that he/she could be President, nor would I discourage them if that what they chose to pursue. If they were to outright ask me if I think they could be President, in order not to lie I would say yes but I'd tell them not necessarily of the United States. I said not necessarily, I didn't say not ever. Maybe after the 3rd President of color would I say that they could. Far as I'm concerned so far we have an African American President, it's yet to be determined if we have a black President, there's a difference. Let him change the school systems and the history books, or acknowledge the true story of the original man and woman, then I'll say we got a black President. As for the laws and the culture of these United States, they don't want you to use your brain. If we're free, why is marijuana illegal yet drugs that kill people like cigarettes and alcohol legal, and who profits from it. If we're free how can an unnatural act such as a gay marriage(it is what it is) be legal and accepted, b.u.t. polygyny a natural act, be illegal and ostracized, and who profits from that? If we're free how is it that under God and the Constitution a mans labor is his natural right in order to feed his self and his family and can not be taxed, b.u.t. yet we pay income tax? If we're free how is it we have the natural right to travel(we have legs, we ride bikes) and be with who we want to be, but it's required that we need a license to drive a car and get married? Do you mean if I built my own car from scratch I have to have a license, but I thought I was free? Unless I'm a proven danger to others, I should in no way be prohibitted to exercise my natural, God instlled, rights. But this deals with approaching these so called laws in an unnatural persona, b.u.t. that's another topic.

To sum it all up, God is my (a)law. That is what determines my free-dome. These builds are designed to promote unity through establishing the truth. It will only work if the reader has a free mind to receive the truth. Not just to read it and accept it on face value, but to see if you can analyze it and agree with it. If no contradictions can be found, then it stands as the truth. Then will you just take it as an interesting blog, or will you self reflect and make necessary changes. I'm not asking anybody to see what I see, b.u.t. if you stand on truth without contradictions, you ultimately will. Unless you can prove me incorrect, that last statement stands as truth. You/we/me owe it to our comunity to at the very least, at the very least, self reflect. Then you can say truly if your about change or your not. For those who see the truth yet choose to do otherwise, you need to close your mouth and let the builders build. I can only talk about it because I put myself through self reflections. I could say I was about the babies all day, b.u.t. was I selfishly doing what I wanted to do because of my ego, and was it helping or hurting our progression. Simply put, if it ain't helping, it's hurting. Neutrality, not doing nothing, is actually doing something, it's hurting. So what I wasn't robbing nobody, I was robbing the children of another good example they could turn to. Was I being a good example? Was knocking off as many chicks as I could a good example to our young men and women? Was this lack of discipline being a good example? What mentality was I a slave to to find enjoyment in a club dry humping on some chick. Was I in a state of elevation when I came home drunk with the room spinning? And why did I enjoy it? Only a rapist can find enjoyment in rape. What enjoyment did I find in not being on point with my senses? If I'm the physical manifestation of the most high, why haven't I did the knowledge on the foods that I consume? Or why am I a slave to my vices if I G.O.D.? I may have made the choice to eat the wrong foods, that doesn't mean I'm free, nor does it mean that I'm not G.O.D. I just chose to represent the other god, the lower god, better known as the devil and devilishment, who chooses to destroy. For free or freedom would be to represent the true and living God, the builder, each and every day, IN EACH AND EVERY WAY.

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